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Our Vision

Our Mission Is To Make Our Viewers Feel Confident In Our Stories.

Our Mission

USA Beat News is an alternative news site that aims to bring honest news from an empathetic perspective that covers the entire political, social, and economic spectrum.

From local news to world news, we understand that every reader has their own viewpoints that are formed by their unique experiences and perspectives, and we aim to give voice to as many of these as possible.

After all, it is dishonest to suggest that there is a single viewpoint or perspective that is the ‘best’ way to report and analyze breaking news, as there are simply too many perspectives that shape a narrative.

Rather than focusing on a single demographic, our mission is to create an expansive range of content provided from all walks of life, allowing the reader to draw their own conclusions from the facts presented on page.

In doing so, we hope to encourage discourse that is often lacking in modern news. By bringing together so many perspectives, we hope that our readers come away with a better understanding of the wider context of every news story.


Our Process

Reliable and accurate reporting is essential for any news website and we are no different. While we source content from a wide range of contributors, we maintain a standardized editorial process that involves thorough fact-checking to ensure all content published is honest and accurate.

We still want content to maintain the unique voice of each writer, so beyond fact checking and standard copy-editing, stories remain very-much the creation of the writer. There are no right or wrong perspectives here at USA Beat News – we want real stories coming from real people.

Of course, we understand that mistakes and errors are part of the industry, so we will always clarify any changes to content, misreporting, errors, or any similar issues. The website is continuously updated 24/7, so any necessary changes or edits to content happen quickly.


Breaking News Headlines and US News Stories

By utilizing contributors from all backgrounds, we capture an honest depiction of breaking news stories from across the USA.

Our writers are based throughout the country, allowing us to capture breaking news from across nation, from the latest US news headlines dominating the big newsrooms to local news stories that are often-overlooked.

All major breaking news is covered thoughtfully from a range of perspectives, allowing us to shape a wider narrative that is missing from many news sites. Our writers take the time and effort to source all facts, reporting news in an objective and honest manner – this is vital for building and maintaining the trust with our readers.


Local News Matters More Than Ever

One of the driving forces behind USA Beat News is a desire to bring back a focus towards local news reporting. Local news was a cornerstone of American journalism throughout the 20th century, yet in the 21st century we have seen a massive decline in local newspapers – more than one quarter have shut down in the past 15 years alone!

Local news is a vital component of any community. It provides honest, reliable, and informative reporting on matters that are important in your area, from changes in local legislation to crime reports to sporting news for local teams.

Our goal is to empower local news reporters by sourcing breaking news articles, feature articles, interviews, and much more from a local perspective. This is not just local news stories – we want to provide voices to local individuals, businesses, and organizations to help connect them with local readers.  


Local Baltimore News

To highlight our commitment to local news reporting, we started with our very own local community here in Baltimore, Maryland. This comes with a distinct Baltimore perspective, with contributions from local writers that are passionate about their community and the news and stories impacting it.

Contributions come from all perspectives, allowing our readers to get an honest and accurate depiction of the stories that impact them most. With over 500,000 residents, Baltimore has a lot of different perspectives and we hope to shed light on many of these when covering local news.

If you live in Baltimore and have an idea for a news story or feature article, be sure to contact us, as we are always looking to add new perspectives to our local content!


World News | Bringing You Stories from Across the Globe

What better way to bring you a wide spectrum of perspectives than news from across the globe? World news is an important facet of USA Beat News, as we want to provide readers with reliable news stories and feature articles from all around the world.

There are countless incredible stories that never reach our shores here in the US, which is understandable when there are so many domestic news stories dominate the headlines. Yet international news stories allow us to form deeper connections to others around the world.

Therefore, we strive to provide all-encompassing coverage of world news to help our readers gain a better perspective of other countries around the world. We are all part of the world, so we feel it is important our readers are aware of the most important world news – it impacts us all in ways many people overlook!

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To truly capture honest and empathic news stories from all perspectives, we need contributors from all walks of life.  Our editors are happy to accept pitches, so if you have a good idea for a story or some breaking news that we haven’t reported, make sure to contact us.

We are currently looking for the following contributors:

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To pitch your story idea, please email us at or contact us through any social media venue @usabeatorg.