On Sunday November 13th, Charleston Animal Hospital techs called the police on Charleston native Joe Wiggins the 3rd for the crime of attempting to pick up his dog. The dog was being boarded at the hospital, with the hospital being given the pick up date in advance.

“I don’t know why they would call the cops! We informed them when we dropped off that we would be picking up [our dog] on Sunday morning. And we even called before he walked to the door!” – Danielle Wiggins (sister of Joe Wiggins)

But the receptionists at the animal hospital did not answer the phone. Instead, as Joe Wiggins walked to and knocked on the locked front door, the receptionists retreated to the back and called police.

Joe Wiggins, confused continued to knock and call the establishment as police arrived. Important to note, Joe Wiggins arrived at 7:30 and waited with his retired Charleston school teacher mother, Joyce Wiggins, until 8:00 am, for the hospitals hour long pick up window, before he attempted to knock.

Instead of being greeted by his puppy, Joe was greeted by 2 Charleston police officers. Shortly after the officers arrived, the staff at the hospital retrieved the puppy for Joe and offered an apology but offered no reasonable excuse as to why the police were necessary.

Joe Wiggins, shaken up by the event, has stated he will no longer use the animal hospitals services as he believes the motivation to call the police was racial in nature.

We reached out to Charleston Animal Hospital for a statement but as of yet have not heard back.