Adonis Creed is back again and hopefully better than his last outing. The Creed 3 trailer dropped today and is hoping to wash the bad taste of Creed II out of the franchises mouth so to speak.

Thankfully this looks to be the case as the trailer looks ridiculously entertaining. It looks like a reboot of Rocky III if Clubber Lang had an interesting backstory.

The trailer starts off with Damian Anderson (played by Jonathan Majors) leaning on Adonis’ car.

Damian is Adonis’ childhood friend who ended up going to prison for 18 years. He is resentful of Adonis’ belt, money, fame, and everything else Creed has as a result of being champ.

“Try spending half your life in a cell, watching somebody else live your life! I’m coming for EVERYTHING!!”

Damian Anderson

Damian clearly perfected his craft in prison because not only is he a good fighter after not seeing the outside world for 18 years but he’s a killer! Following his almost 2 decade long vacation he re-enters the boxing scene with highlight reel style knockouts.

The build up naturally will send the 2 former friends on an inevitable crash course. You have the same dilemma put forth in Rocky III. The champ made it to the top, has the belt, fame, a family, and anything else a man could ask for except maybe the same fighting edge it took to get there. Then you have the not so young fighter that is looking at the man at the top of the mountain like food, and that fighter hasn’t eaten in almost 20 years.

But there’s more that this story deals with. Adonis cant possibly properly prepare for this behemoth of a fight because of the guilt he feels for his former friends incarceration.

Creed 3 has the opportunity to be special and hopefully the full length film will hold our attention as much as the trailer.