Once again the ineptitude and crooked nature of boxing reared its ugly head this past Saturday night. Mykal Fox stepped in for Cody Corley as a late replacement when the latter tested positive for Covid-19. His opponent was Gabriel Maestre a highly decorated amateur from Venezuela. For all intent and purpose, this was supposed to be a showcase fight for Maestre. This fight was also for one of the WBA’s many titles.  Someone must not have clued Fox in on the plan, and he fought the fight of his life. He used his 6’4 frame to put on a sublime boxing display throughout 12 rounds. He even scored a knockdown on a beautiful counter left hook in the second round. At the end of 12 rounds, Fox landed 157 of 712 punches while Maestre landed 131 of 524 punches. Fox was clearly the winner and new WBA champion.

Then the scores were read……

John Mariano scored it (115-112), David Singh scored it (114-113), and Gloria Martinez Rizzo who apparently watched the fight blindfolded scored it (117-110). Let me reiterate this Gabriel Maestre did not win this fight, not even close.

This is where those unspoken things about boxing come to light. You see Maestre is what you call the “A-Side” fighter in this situation. He is a decorated fighter, with an excellent pedigree and his losing would sidetrack any plans they have for him. Ultimately it’s not Maestre’s fault, he is not the one scoring the fight. This is where this situation becomes even more bizarre.  After the fight, Martinez-Rizzo’s Twitter account was found, and it was something. She is overtly racist, disputed the results of the recent election, and is a major Trump supporter (among other things). Fox who is African-American ostensibly stood no chance in winning this fight long before the bell rang.

That’s the part that about this that is sad. Mykal Fox’s story should have been a tale of triumph. He took a fight on short notice, he won the fight, he should have been named a champion. He earned it. This could have led to bigger fights and bigger paydays. This was his moment. Instead, his name is attached to one of the egregious robberies in recent memory. Many in the boxing community are calling for an investigation into these scores. I would not hold my breath considering Martinez-Rizzo is married to Ricardo Rizzo who just so happens to serve as an executive on the board of the WBA.

Kudos to Corey Erdman for exposing these tweets: