The Good

This past Saturday welcomed UFC 249, the organization’s first event in months, and the Nation’s first large scale sporting event in general. The arena was empty of fans, commentators were physically spaced out, and all athletes involved were tested prior, with one testing positive and subsequently being excluded.

Everything was safe, and it was a fantastic time for fans of the sport. While it’s been nice to watch all these musicians “battle,” it was even better to watch actual warriors get back to it. Was a nice feeling (or hopefully sign) of things beginning to normalize, one punch at this thing at a time.?

The Bad

Once upon a time a President, whether agreed or disagreed with, at least attempted to be a positive role model. The highest level, or symbol, of citizen in all the land. While it’s hilarious that Trump and friends blatantly contradicted the scientific and federal guidelines on wearing a mask, I’m actually disappointed in him for missing a golden opportunity.

He could have totally capitalized on big ass red MAGA masks in this election year. Milking some campaign out of this crisis! Or even worn a simple American flag mask (which surely exist) to promote both absurd-style patriotism AND safety. But you know… stupidity. ??‍♂️

The Ugly

There’s a lot of hype and worry about the new invasive species of Murder Hornets. While scary indeed, some communities are still dealing with the epidemic of Murder Cops. And even worse in some cases, vigilante Murder Wannabe-Cops.

Their metal stingers are seemingly without limit, sometimes upwards of 10 fatal stings to the BACK of an unarmed fleeing human. Many have even developed immunity to the judicial system and actively hunt their prey with bias and upon impulse, with disregard to due process and law enforcement.

This is not an invasive species, relatively “native” as they’ve been around for generations. By avoiding arguing and dividing, and just sticking to and being vocal about the facts, we just may be able to bring about the best repellant… Justice. But for now, this surely isn’t the last we’ve seen of this horde. ?