Mother’s Day has always been a day to celebrate the beauty of motherhood. Picnics, reunions, parties, to simple gifts and warm hugs are the norm. However, Covid-19 lockdown will no doubt affect how Mother’s day will be celebrated worldwide.

Although some people may not be able to have physical contact with their mom, Mother’s day will still have to be celebrated.

Holidays like this are more important now than ever. Finding the best mothers day gifts during quarantine is tough. In these tough times, people need all the love they can get and share. Mother’s day will be an avenue to spread love and gifts to mother’s all over with the hope of keeping ourselves strong in the face of this global crisis.

Are you thinking of what gift you want to get your mom this lockdown period?

We are here to help you with some ideas. Since all moms are different, you may have to think more out of the box than usual this year however, you will find that the lock down is not an excuse not to celebrate our loving moms.

Not being able to show yourself in person as you appreciate your mom can be quite frustrating. However, you can use a bit of creativity and technology to make the impact you want your gifts to make on your expectant mom. Below are some ideas you may use depending on the categories below. If you can fit your mom in two or more of these categories, combining gifts from such categories will be a great idea.

Housekeeper Mom

They are master organizers and their gifts must be special. A jewelry box with a nice piece of jewelry is always a winner.

You can also make a pillowcase with the first names of all the members of the family on it.

A new set of bed sheets too will be nice.

Other items you can try include tabletop or bedside flower vase, indoor fragrances, and smart kitchen aids such as mixers are also good gifts!

DIY mom

These moms must fix things to stay happy. Giving them broken yet fun gifts might be a great for one of these types.

One daring gift is to send a new but broken toy and a card that reads, “The best moms in the world fix…”

Blow your mom’s mind by getting creative. Get paper, glue, colors, and whatever. Create beautiful things that you know will catch her fancy. DIY greeting cards, flower vase, headband, watch, and many other crafts would be nice. However, try to create something mom is more likely to not only use but keep using.

Gardening Enthusiast Mom

If your mom is just starting a garden, getting a Smart Garden as a gift for her would be a cool gift. You can decide to add some seeds and a greeting card.

If mom is tech-savvy, you may get an electric lawn mower or robot lawnmower. The former is less expensive. However, they’ll take off a load of work from the garden in less time when compared to the manual effort.


Yoga pants and tops are a much-cherished kit for moms who value physical fitness.

Why not get customized yoga pants and tops with lovely mom messages delivered to her? You can be sure she’ll always remember she’s loved as she wears them and heads for the gym.

Bonus: Add a matching pair of tennis shoes for extra brownie points.

Bookworm Mom

I bet some of us think these moms are too “nerdy” and their world is kind of weird. Weird to these moms is okay.

If you don’t have a list of hot Mothers Day novels here’s a good start:

The Overstory by Richard Powers (Fiction)

Save Me The Plums by Ruth Reichl (Fiction/ Recipe book)

Motherhood by Sheila Heti (Non-fiction)

Everything Under by Daisy Johnson (Fiction)

The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin (Sci-Fi)

Becoming by Michelle Obama (Non-Fiction)

The Witch Elm by Tana French ( Mystery)

You can purchase these books on Amazon or mom can read them directly on Kindle during this lockdown.

Movie Genie Mom

Netflix and virtual chill with your mom if you can’t be in her presence. It may not seem like a tangible gift but good times shared are hardly forgotten. Below are some fascinating Mother’s Day movies to watch:

Sense and Sensibility

Bad Moms

Wonder Woman

Lady Bird

Make sure to give your mom the best mothers day gifts during quarantine that you can. After this quarantine, our loved ones need us more than ever.

Depending on the state you are located in, the lock down conditions may vary in stiffness. Be sure you stay safe while you celebrate your mom responsibly.

After all, we’ll love to see our moms around after the lock down is over so we can celebrate like we used to!