For those of us who have been locked in doors for the better part of a month, finding a way to stay entertained has been a challenge. But no worries, here come 5 fresh faced internet comedians to the rescue.

We’ve probably all watched and re-watched Tony Baker’s voice overs or Logan Paul’s antics but here are 5 new internet comedians who have unlimited potential!

1. Taurean Is Funny

First up is Taurean Simmons. Our favorite pick not only because of his hilarious political voice overs but also because he’s a clean comic. That means if you come across his videos you won’t have to put headphones on or hide the video from the kids.

His Donald Trump voice over went semi-viral on Facebook, but more impressive is his stand up material. He approaches the stage with the comfort level of a seasoned pro. Who knows, he may have been an established comic in another life.

2. Samantha Ramsdell

Samantha is pretty unique and probably the most seasoned of anyone on this list having been entertaining groups of people since she was 6. She also has the biggest online comedic catalog of any of our 5 picks.

Samantha sings and sings well, displaying this talent in a funny Instagram parody of Backstreet Boy hit, “I Want It That Way”. With her musical background and quick witted improv skills, she could fit right at home in a SNL type of show.

3. Success Jimi

Tik Tok is fast becoming one of the most popular social media platforms out today. Success_Jimi is taking full advantage of that. Her videos acting out scenes of both niche and major productions is a big hit on tik tok and instagram.

This Nigerian actress/comedian knows her lane and stays in it.

4. Hanjoo Kwak

New-ish to the comedy sketch arena. Hanjoo has come out with some unique skits earning him a quickly growing fan base on Instagram. However Hanjoo Kwak first popped on our radar for his photography.

Check out the majority of his posts on Instagram and you’ll find some absolutely stunning images. Thankfully though he did not let his passion for photography stifle his comedic creativity. Unique ideas are few and far between in the comedy world.

5. Tammercise

Tami + Jazzercise = Tammercise. Now this one gets the vote for best comedic package! Tami has found a niche and run with it.

How do we explain?? Well, imagine if a box truck filled with 70’s workout gear like high-waisted spandex ran over Mo Collins’ Mad TV character, Lorraine. And that’s kind of the character Tami has put together for Tammercise.

Tami doesn’t just do internet content, she also organizes “Tammercise” meet ups where people can go and get their heart rate up! We can forsee a lot of funny workout dvd’s or maybe even vhs tapes from Tami. We’d dig up an old VCR just to watch!