Former Champion Roger Mayweather Died At 58

Uncle and trainer for Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Roger Mayeather died today at 58 years old. Roger had been battling health issues for a few years now.

This led to him stepping back from his usual position of head trainer for his nephew, Floyd Mayweather, in 2013.

Roger Mayweather was a former world champion with over 70 fights. A 2x world champion, he held both the WBO and respected WBC belts. Win or lose Roger Mayweather was never in a boring fight. He left everything inside the ring, everytime he stepped into the squared circle.

Although Floyd Sr. is credited with developing Floyd Jr.’s shoulder roll, a lot of Roger Mayweather’s attacking style can be seen in Floyd Mayweather Jr’s earlier fights.

Roger was arguably the most accomplished Mayweather prior to Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s success.

Roger had a profound impact on the sport of boxing and his nephew Floyd.

“My uncle was one of the most important people in my life inside and outside of the ring…Roger was a great champion and one of the best trainers in boxing. Unfortunately, his health was failing him for several years and now he can finally rest in peace. Roger meant the world to me, my father Floyd Sr., my uncle Jeff, our whole family, everyone in and around the Mayweather Boxing Gym and the entire boxing world. It is a terrible loss for all of us.” 

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Roger Mayweather’s colorful personality will long be remembered. He is well known for his famous saying, “You don’t know sh** about boxing” as he would spout out questions from boxing era’s long forgotten.

Fighters such as Roger Mayweather take a piece of boxing with them when they go that which will never be recovered. He will be missed.