The Elite v The People | The Anti Bernie Conspiracy

During the 2016 primaries, the democratic party shot itself in the foot, by the lack of support it showed to Bernie Sanders.  They were a large part of the reason President Trump was successful in his bid for the White House.

Fast forward to the 2020 primaries and history is repeating itself.

In 2015, Bernie Sanders announced in late April that he would enter the presidential race.  He immediately garnered the attention of the nation with his speeches proclaiming an all-out assault on big pharma and other industries.

That was enough for the Senator to win over voters even with the late entry.

However, the Clinton machine had a massive head start raising money, building an audience, and most importantly gaining the support of the elites.

Senator Bernie Sanders was playing a rigged game evidenced by the prejudice towards the former mayor by the DNC.

The anti Bernie establishment left two options for him: an independent run or withdrawing entirely.  He chose withdrawing.

Whatever the reason, that decision gave the democratic party and Hillary Clinton the best chance of winning the presidency. A third party run by Sanders could have been catastrophic for Hillary Clinton’s campaign and would have historically had a low chance of success.

The decision he made to drop out was the best decision for the democratic party.  Yet the democratic party has still not embraced Bernie as much as the people have.

Bernie Sanders has stirred a movement, particularly in younger voters, something that is desperately needed in today’s culture of political apathy.  He’s the candidate most people show excitement for and the only one whom the word ‘revolution’ has been attached to.  But when it comes to political parties, it has been establishment over constituents.

Anti Bernie Establishment

In the current 2020 primaries, Bernie Sanders has been attacked more on all sides than any other candidate.  Even by Senator Elizabeth Warren who endorsed Bernie’s decision to enter the race 4 short years ago.  By her account, both she and Senator Sanders agreed not to attack each other as it wasn’t in the best interest of the progressive movement.  This took place in a 2018 private meeting in which she later alleged Sanders said he did not believe a woman could win the presidency.

Now that Elizabeth Warren has officially suspended her campaign, you would assume most of Warren’s supporters would flock to Bernie Sanders. However, #WarrentoBiden is currently trending and many are now shifting support to Joe Biden.

Time will tell where the majority of Warren supporters will lean but the attacking of Senator Sanders by Warren seems to have had the effect they both predicted in that 2018 meeting.

Bernie had one unlikely defender in President Trump who came to his defense stating,

“They are rigging the election against Bernie Sanders, just like last time, only more obviously…. Joe Biden, and Bernie is shut out again.  Very unfair, but that’s the way the Democrats play the game…”

Surely President Trump has his own reasons for making such a statement, however the hole was left there by the Democratic elites and the liberal ‘media’ for Trump to exploit.

Now it seems Joe Biden is the next establishment choice to try and topple President Trump.

The Invisible Establishment

Joe Biden’s resurgence on Super Tuesday was driven by African American voters in the South.  North and South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, and Tennessee all fell to Joe Biden. 

Why in states where the democratic vote is made up, in large part, of black voters has Joe Biden performed so well? 

Is it policy?

Considering Joe Biden authored the 1994 Crime Bill that was a cause of the mass incarceration of persons of color in the 90’s, policy is probably not the reason. 

Add to this the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1986, the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988, and his support of the Iraq war and you have a firm record of Joe Biden siding with elites and contributing to law disproportionately affecting the African American community.

Is it because he served as VP under former President Obama or is it something else altogether?

His association with former President Obama may help him however, it is no secret African American voters typically vote along Democratic Party lines.  So, when the establishment turned on Bernie Sanders for the second time it should also be no surprise some of the ‘black vote’ would turn as well.

For the democratic party, black voters have always been a part of what you could call the invisible establishment.  The part of the democratic party that is ‘on call’ per se and only needed in 2- or 4-year intervals.

Political Machines

There are a couple problems with this.  All but one of the states Joe Biden did well in are deeply red.  So even if Biden ends up getting a chunk of the African American vote, it most likely will not mean much for the overall vote.

Secondly, for the Democratic party to have success in November, they cannot nominate a ‘business as usual’ candidate.  The candidate has to have appeal with numerous demographics and be polarizing enough to draw out constituents who usually don’t participate in the voting process.

If the democratic establishments’ intent is to simply to make sure President Trump is not re-elected, then Joe Biden is probably not the best candidate.  However, if the Democratic party is making the statement the anti Bernie or “Never Bernie”, Joe Biden is picture perfect. 

“Never Bernie” is the statement of the elite.  “Never Bernie” is the statement of big pharma. 

The question is, if the democratic party continues with its’ ‘abc’ sentiment and goes down the same path of “Never Bernie”, will it spell certain re-election for President Donald Trump?

Or more importantly, does it matter to them?