Warren Suspends Campaign

Elizabeth Warren, alongside her husband Bruce, announced this morning, outside of her Cambridge, Massachusetts home, she would be suspending her campaign for President.

Elizabeth Warren fell further behind following Super Tuesday as former VP Joe Biden surged. Warren now follows Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, and Mike Bloomberg in ending their 2020 presidential bids.

Time will tell whether Senator Warren will also follow suit in endorsing Joe Biden as she declined to make an immediate endorsement of either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders saying,

“I need some space around this, and wanna take a little time to think some more”

When asked why She believes her campaign stumbled, she replied,

“I was told at the beginning of this whole undertaking that there are two lanes,” Warren said. “A progressive lane that Bernie Sanders is the incumbent for and a moderate lane that Joe Biden is the incumbent for, and there’s no room for anyone else in this. I thought that wasn’t right. But evidently, I was wrong.”