Canon EOS R5

Canon was late to the full-frame mirrorless camera game but they are here now! And it looks like the company is looking to make a splash with the Canon Eos R5.

The Eos R was a slight disappointment for the prosumer market as it didn’t offer some of the features they had come to expect from a 2k+ camera.

The Eos R5 looks to make up for the R’s shortcomings.

Comfirmed specs include:

  • New Full- Frame Sensor
  • 8k Video
  • IBIS(In-Body Image Stabilization)
  • Dual Card Slots
  • 12 fps with mechanical shutter
  • 20 fps with electronic shutter

That shutter speed is dangerously close to 1DX mark iii territory.

Our Concerns

These specs look great but before we go breaking out the champagne, there are a few possible concerns.

1. New isn’t always better! While Canon clearly knows cameras, with the company so new to the full frame mirror-less party, the all-new sensor may need a little time before they’re bullet proof.

There’s something to be said about having reliable, tried and true parts especially for the professional who can’t afford camera failure.

2. While they have confirmed the Canon EOS R5 will have 8k, Canon hasn’t yet given specific specs.

Usable 8k and delivering 4k at 120fps and 6k at 60fps would be awesome! However, it’s more likely going to have a significant crop for 8k footage with 4k footage being similar to the 1DX mark iii.

3. Speaking of the 1DX mark iii, the Canon EOS R5 shutter speed specs are right in line with it. This raises concerns as the R5 will have a smaller form factor than the 1DX mark iii. Will there be overheating issues or general failures because of this?

4. Also, with competing camera’s like the S1H coming in around $5000 and Canon’s on flagship 1DX mark iii coming in over $6000, expect a ‘happy medium’ between the two nudging closer to the mark iii price.

But Still…

All that said, the R5 looks extremely promising. The best specs to date of any mirrorless camera. But if it wants to topple cameras like the Panasonic S1H or steal some of Sony’s corner of the market, Canon will have to overpromise, and overdeliver. But so far Canon is off to the right start.