Interview with Pauline Myles on Prophet David Owuor, the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness, the state of today’s church, and faith healing.


We had an opportunity to sit down with Minister Pauline Myles from Baltimore last week. Minister Myles is part of a ministry started in Kenya called the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness.

The Ministry of Repentance and Holiness is led by an arguably controversial figure, Prophet David Owuor.

Prophet Owuor has grown this ministry from a tiny following in Kenya to thousands worldwide. With faith healings and numerous prophecies being part what has grown his following , Prophet Owuor has been at the center of a lot of attention in recent years.

Minister Pauline Myles has been a part of the ministry for the better part of the last decade. She has been charged with ministering to the Caribbean.


PROPHET OWUOR: So this is Mary Mugoni (sp?)

ARCHBISHOP: Mary Mugoni, 24 years from Gilgil.

She has had bleeding disease for 3 months and she has attended Kitali Mission Hospital but the bleeding did not stop.  But today, she felt, she’s dry, she has checked, she’s dry, and she’s healed, she’s dry. There’s no more bleeding. Hallelujah.

PROPHET OWUOR: And she has been verified by Dr. Zachary Chaseboi. He has signed there, Dr. Zachary Chaseboi.  That is a very, very senior doctor in this country, in fact he is a Consultant Surgeon.

So now these things are happening in this country and that’s why I told you my daughter from Baltimore.  You work in the best hospital, the best medical center in the whole earth. Come, I may not stand talking to you that far.  Come my daughter also. Come. All of you. Come all of you. Real quick. Come all of you. Come with mommy. Climb up my daughters.  She works…come my daughter, you work in the best medical center in the whole earth, the Johns Hopkins Hospital. But tell me, the research, I am aware of the research done in that hospital but tell me about the research that the LORD is doing here.

MINISTER MYLES:  Before I left Baltimore, I issued my boss, she is one of the top infectious diseases specialists in the world.  She travels all over the world to give conferences and I issued a challenge to her before I left. She has a patient that I have known for over 10 years that has been sick and I issued a challenge.  I told her that, I will not name the patient’s name but I would bring the patient’s name to the meeting and I said that if, should THE LORD heal her patient, would she be willing to listen to the Gospel of my LORD JESUS CHRIST and she said yes.  She said yes. So I put THE LORD on the line, I put my LORD, based on what I’ve seen, coming here 3 times now, I put my LORD on the line. HE knows who she is. I can give her initials, I promised I wouldn’t give her name—KB.

PROPHET OWUOR: I declare here today, right at the ALTAR OF JEHOVAH, that KB, that the LORD clean up KB’s blood, in Baltimore, that the blood of JESUS flow through the veins, the other vessels, and clean up, and remove infection, and make KB whole.  These words, I have decreed today with my terrible prophetic tongue, very much aware of the gravity of my tongue, in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS. So shall it be, AMEN!

MINISTER MYLES  My name is Pauline Myles.  I am a Senior Pastor in the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness-Caribbean, Jamaica.  Before I came to the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness, I worked for Johns Hopkins University as an Administrative Coordinator within the Center for TB Research, also for Infectious Diseases within the School of Medicine, total of 15 years.  I found out about the ministry when I had a crisis of faith.

I was a senior minister in a non-denominational church and I felt as if my spirit were dying. I cried out to the Lord and I asked Him. I said, I know we are in the end times and I know you promised you would send someone. If that person is here I’d like to know.  I had been on the internet scavenging for food. I was not getting what I needed from my church and so while on the internet one day, the Lord, I don’t know how the link appeared but the link appeared and I began watching, Dr. David Owuor, the mightiest prophet of the Lord and I started taking in all the messages I could.

I watched and watched until one day decided in my heart that I had to go and see for myself.  Because while I was scavenging on the internet, I had never found anything quite as pure and as holy as I had found from listening to his messages.

The mission of the ministry? I guess it would be best to start with the condition of the church and then answer that question.  The condition of the church we understand from the bible, from the scriptures, there’s a great falling away before the Messiah comes back, there’s apostasy, and an absence of truth and so the mission of the ministry is to prepare the Bride of Christ in righteousness and holiness for the coming of the Messiah

The difference between this ministry and Christianity, as it is today? Is that the ministry is preparing a holy bride, a righteous bride; because the Bible tells us in Hebrews 12:14 that without holiness no one will see the Lord, and the church is not preparing the Christians in holiness and righteousness for the coming of the messiah—there’s an absence of truth as prophesied in the Bible and many have fallen away, from truth.  This is why, the Lord, in His word, in Malachi 4 verse 5 said HE would send the Prophet Elijah, before the Great and Dreadful day of THE LORD and if you look at verse 6 of that scripture, it says, lest I smite the earth with a curse. That tells you, if He doesn’t send the mightiest prophet of the Lord, then everything is curse-worthy. This is why He sends him—to purify and make the bride of Christ spotless and holy in preparation for the Coming of the Lord

The first time I went to Kenya?  I’ll have to go back before I landed in Kenya.  I’ll start with purchasing my ticket which was very interesting.  I bought my ticket and after speaking with the Lord and knowing that I was going to go to Kenya I purchased my ticket.  However, there was an incident at the airport, and the arrivals area at the airport, in 2013 August, burned down and when it burned down I could have still gone, started my journey to Kenya, however, there were others who were traveling to Kenya and they were not able to sit in the airport in transit in Europe and I didn’t want to travel alone, I didn’t want to be there alone and so I decided to wait. 

In my waiting, I lost my ticket, meaning my travel date passed and I was no longer able to travel on that ticket that I had. And so I found myself crying to God again.

First time I was crying, you know, when I was in a crisis in the Church and then now here I am crying to God again because He had shown me that I would be going to Kenya and here I was, not in Kenya, my ticket had expired, and I had no way of getting another ticket. I was calling and nothing was working. 

I remember calling from home and the last person I spoke with to get a ticket, she told me she is sorry, that there is nothing she could do. Right before I hung up, she said wait something just came in, let me check it for you and I’ll get back to you. And so I was on the phone waiting while she was checking. She came back to me and she said we have one seat and so I ended up taking that one seat. There were others who were supposed to also go to Kenya that trip that did not make it but the Lord graced me and blessed me to be able to go. 

And so, when I arrived in Kenya, I arrived late, I missed the first day of the meeting and when I arrived also, I arrived early in the morning and they were leaving for the meeting around 9 o’clock in the morning. So when I got to Nairobi…they had to drive me to the meeting, so once I got off the plane, the meeting site was a little ways off, it was about four hours away. By the time we got to the meeting site, the actual hotel before getting to the meeting site, others were sitting in the buses already, waiting.

I had been on the plane for 20 some hours, hadn’t eaten [much], hadn’t taken a shower or anything but they asked me if I wanted to go and refresh and have something to eat and I said no, absolutely not, I wanted to go straight to the meeting site.  And so I put my things away and I went in the bus and I headed straight to the meeting site.

When I got there, I remember being at the altar where the man of God was taking testimony from those who had just been healed.  And I remember, there was a blind man who had just been healed and I was standing there contemplating something I had asked the Lord about before leaving Baltimore.  I asked Him why He was sending me to Kenya and He said spiritual blindness. I was a minister, a senior minister in the Church and the Lord said spiritual blindness. And so while I am there contemplating my spiritual blindness, a blind man had just been healed. 

The mightiest prophet of the Lord was a little ways off and he was taking testimony from that blind man, he doubled back to where I was and looked me directly in the face and said ‘and he was really blind’.

So when I first went to Kenya, I saw the power of God, not that I was not used to healings, in our church, I remember even I had been healed a while ago but in our church but, in our church, despite the fact the was healings, we got to the point where we had lost faith. 

We were no longer…you know…the pastor would pray over people and expect to be healed…he’d pray and then send you to the doctor, and then, you know, nothing was really happening. We had lost faith. That is where I was and not only had I lost faith, I can speak for myself. I had lost faith and my spirit man was dying.

That is the condition that I went to Kenya in. When I first went to Kenya, I was also very sick. I had been sick for over a year. I had a lump on my neck from hyperthyroidism, I had autoimmune disease, I had various food allergies, and I had a wasting stomach that was a little bit under control.  The food allergies, every time I went to the doctor the doctor would say, “don’t eat wheat, don’t eat peanuts, you can’t have milk, you can’t have…the list just kept getting longer and longer and there was no hope except the doctor cutting me and I refused.

I decided that I would not have an operation to remove the lump on my neck unless they could actually tell me what caused it in the first place. So when I went to Kenya, the first time that is the condition I went in.

There was lady from Finland, the mightiest prophet of the Lord had prophesied her healing.  He didn’t know who she was but I remember she came to the meeting in a wheel chair because I saw her myself.  We checked into the same hotel and I remember when she was healed and I also remember having a conversation with her.  She doesn’t speak English but I remember expressing myself to her and letting her know, I know you were healed at one of the meetings and I showed her a picture and she smiled.  I remember her in a wheelchair and now she’s walking, she was walking.

One of the things I appreciate about the Ministry is that unlike some others that I have seen that use their own doctors, the mightiest prophet of the Lord usually has doctors, not usually, he has doctors on the scene that are not associated with [do not work for] the ministry, they are part of the Health Ministry in Kenya. 

And one of the things that stand out mostly is the HIV/AIDS healings. Those ones, he has them go back to their own doctor and he also has them go to the blood bank and they are tested up to the DNA PCR and Alisa Assay testing that will pick out the minutest particle of…I’m probably not saying it right but of HIV/AIDS and so those cases, you know, are also documented in CDC and Walter Reed [Army Medical Center] which has nothing to do with the Ministry.  And one of the things that I also appreciate is that he has invited Researchers to actually study those cases. They have unique identifiers, they can be found, and they can be studied by anyone who desires to study them outside of the Ministry.

What separates Dr. David Owuor from the other prophets? You know, it’s very sad that we even have to address that question because there are many prophets that are out there.  Many of them are false prophets because they are sent by themselves, they are not called by God and it is proven by their fruit.  When one comes in the name of the Lord and gives you the testimony of not being a prophet, not being a minister, not being a pastor at all and now the Lord calling them and then giving you the proofs of the calling. 

For example, when he first came on the scene, he would tell people about his calling and how [when] the Lord called him and he ran from the Lord—a normal human being not understanding the calling, not being a pastor, as I said, and he ran from the call and in running from the call the Lord would pursue him and begin to unveil, to open up certain things to him to get to the point where he would actually respond to the call. 

But those testimonies, I won’t go into those testimonies, per say, but we can actually see…one of them, one video I can recommend on YouTube is Humble Beginnings, that will chronicle you through exactly what happened and how he responded to the call of the Lord but he was not a pastor, he was a researcher, minding his own business and was called by the Lord and began to run from the Lord until the Lord cornered him and he began to serve the Lord in this capacity.