Much anticipated next steps to denuclearize North Korea are continuing as scheduled. Kim Jong-un has arrived in Hanoi in preparation for the 2019 Vietnam summit with Donald Trump. According to his tweet, President Trump expects progress from this upcoming summit.

The general expectation is simply to build off the progress of the previous summit in Singapore.

Although the original meeting did not yield any quantitative results, the meeting in and of itself was historic.

Internationalism vs Isolationism

June marked the first time a sitting president met with a North Korean Supreme leader.

The “new day” of openness declared by former president Obama when initiating talks with Cuba did not extend to States with the most hostilities toward the United States.

The U.S. has continued, for the most part, with its isolationist policy with its’ perceived enemies.

Now, however, there seems to be an effort to communicate with ‘enemy states’.

But that is not the only change. There has also been a noticeable difference in rhetoric toward the United States coming from North Korea. Only 2 years ago, relations, or rather lack thereof, seemed to be catapulting the U.S. and North Korea toward certain collision.

Fast forward to present day, North Korea – U.S. relations seem to be on the mend.

2019 Vietnam Summit

This second meeting within the space of a year, suggests a possible commitment to attempt to end hostilities and continue the conversation to decrease nuclear armaments.

The White House announced the 2019 Vietnam summit will kick off with a private dinner on Wednesday. Official meetings, however, will not begin until Thursday.

β€œThe notion that somehow not talking to countries is punishment to them. . . is ridiculous” – Former President Obama in 2007 Democratic primaries