Baltimore Violence: Harm City Heads Up

Baltimore violence and aggression has one penultimate perspective for the
reader. That perspective being their risk of becoming the target of aggression in Baltimore or any place in society existing along the same social trajectory.

What makes an area a “hot zone” from the law enforcement and media
perspective is only one thing, the number of murders, as the media and law enforcement are both charged with the very real, crucial and oblique task of misreporting, mischaracterizing and suppressing reports of violence on their respective beats.

This process serves the primary goal of municipal government, which is to generate tax revenue based on occupancy and maintaining or increasing occupancy rates by inculcating a false sense of security among the herd of largely helpless human cattle crowded into their tax farm.

The only type of violence that is highly resistant to this “numbers juking” process is murder.

Therefore, a media-law enforcement hot zone is a place where large numbers of professional criminals are killed by professional criminals.

What this means is that the “most” media “dangerous” zones are not much more dangerous to the normal citizen than the hot zones. There is also aggressive private real estate and governmental initiatives dedicated to making certain that no homebuyer remains in one neighborhood for more than five years. This results in an ever-shifting and ever-expanding crime-scape of real, rather than media, hot zones causing more Baltimore violence.

Baltimore Violence Trends: What is a Human Hot Zone in an American Municipality?


1. Any jurisdiction where open carry of firearms, large knives, and swords are not permitted, is a human hot zone. This is where no normal individual can walk the streets of that place at night with the reasonable expectation that he or she can defend himself or herself against the most common form of attack. This, in Baltimore and every American city, is naked aggression by 2-3 unarmed, military-age males.

The only actual effects such disarmament laws have had in the U.S. is to ensure that a given population is a soft target for predation by police, and other criminals. Whereas most unofficial criminals prey upon citizens as unarmed groups, police officers prey upon citizens as individuals and pairs of lightly-armed aggressors.

In a society where a man could walk home at night with a shotgun over his shoulder, pistol-armed police would be as weak a threat as a pair of unarmed men waylaying a swordsman.

Youth Violence

2. Once a population is disarmed, government imports or cultivates a class of fatherless male youth with poor job prospects. These youth will generate enough violence against soft targets for the bleating matrons of the tax herd to beg for #3.

Police State

3. Once heavy policing is introduced to protect tax cattle, that police force will have 95% of its resources diverted to vice, executive protection, elite venue security [ball games] traffic ticket farming and the protection of professional criminals from each other. Baltimore’s mayors have, for the past 5 years, made the prevention of criminal-on-criminal murder their top priority.

For instance, one subject of my study had a video of two men breaking into his house which he wanted to post on social media [where the only real crime reporting is now done]. This caused a police officer to warn him against infringing the rights of the six foot tall home invaders, who were minors whose images could not be posted online.

Baltimore Violence & Police Aggression

There is also the very real threat of police aggression. I have personally been targeted for violence by police 29 times in 39 years. Their goals ranging from robbery down to the baseline effort to ensure that I am unarmed and defenseless.

One must profile themselves, profile the local aggressors, and overlay this knowledge with a survey of the local crime-scape, with the sure knowledge that the cities and suburbs you live in have been built, modified, populated and staffed to facilitate predation upon you and yours.

Below are some numbers from specific Baltimore violence hot spots in Baltimore City and Baltimore County from 2016-2018. These incidents are the experiences of people I spoke with or the friends or relations of the people I spoke with. None of these come from news reports.

Rapes and Rape-Goal Attacks in Northeast Baltimore

African American Women

Successfully Raped by 6 African American men
Unsuccessfully raped by 3 Latinos

These women enjoyed no protection or advocacy from third parties before, during, or after the attacks.

Caucasian Women

Successfully raped by 1 African American man
Successfully raped by 2 Latinos
Unsuccessfully raped 3 Latinos
One woman was rescued from murder and further rape by an African American man.
3 of these women were protected by African American women!

The takeaway here is that while women of both races seem to be targeted by the same men, that no one, from law enforcement to passersby are willing to lend a hand to help an African American woman, whereas more Caucasian women were rescued than inseminated. Most of these attacks were on sidewalks and on parking lots and other road surfaces, with the balance indoors. Note that the Latino rapists are operating in areas with no significant Latino population. See also Baltimore Street below.

Men On Foot in Northeast Baltimore and Adjacent Baltimore County

The racial makeup of the portions of Northeast Baltimore I frequented during this time was roughly 60% Caucasian. The adjacent areas of Baltimore County, 85% Caucasian. If this was about “the area being bad” meaning the residents had a high proportion of violent criminals living and operating amongst them, then one would expect 60% and 85% of the attackers respectively, would be Caucasian. However, the fact is that most of the attackers were car-mounted, taking mass transit, or raiding in on foot from adjacent areas, as far away as 12 miles.

African American Men

17 Attacks
15 African American groups ranging in size from 2-5
2 individual police officers

Caucasian Men

45 Attacks [over half of these happened to me, so the numbers are heavily
skewed towards Caucasian targets]
38 African American groups, ranging in size from 2-5
3 Caucasian individuals
1 Caucasian group of 3
2 mixed race groups
1 police officer

Women on foot on Baltimore Street and Adjacent Walkways

All these attacks happened during daylight business hours, within 2 blocks of Baltimore City’s largest police precinct. The two women worked together in the same office during this period.

1 African American Woman

4 attacks
1 pair of African American muggers
2 separate African American muggers
1 mixed race group of drug addicts
This lady received aid from an African American man on one occasion and a Caucasian man on another.

1 Caucasian Woman

11 Attacks
1 pair of Latino rapists
2 separate African American male muggers
1 African American woman
3 groups of mixed race drug addicts
1 African American drug addict [sex undetermined]
3 separate attacks by a Caucasian drug addict

This lady was defended by a third party in every case, twice by her African American coworker, once by a Pakistani parking attendant, twice by Caucasian men, and 6 times by African American men, 4 of those by the legendary Mister Mohamed, the homeless man who has assigned himself the duty of protecting ladies of the business class.

The follow-up article, Baltimore Housing Trends: Harm City Home Buyer, will provide the reader with a checklist for examining a neighborhood in which you do not possess my network of informants so that you might be able to determine by a neighborhood’s physical characteristics if you might be in danger of buying a home in an area with a similar aggression profile as one of those described above.