“You owe your parents not to dream big… You’re not gonna be able to be President..” – Killer Mike to a group of Kindergartners

Good Show, Unique Concepts

Trigger Warning with Killer Mike is more of a right place, right time show than anything else. Not to say it’s not thought-provoking. It definitely is, however, it could easily have been swept under the rug in any other era of tv.

Killer Mike (aka Michael Render) is known for his activist nature. True to form, he not only poses questions outside of his community but also to those inside it.


One episode delves into the reason why black street gangs haven’t created a legitimate business.

The resulting product is a 6 ingredient soft drink produced by the Crips, called crip-a-cola. Not one to incite a gang war, he decided to re-label the soda and name it blood pop, so the Bloods could join in the entrepreneurship.

Killer Mike walks ‘the homies’ through what it takes to build a business. He helps them attempt to get a loan from a traditional bank and shows them how to organize a focus group.

At the focus group, Killer Mike takes the opportunity to educate the members on the lack of difference between a gang like the Crips and one like the Hell’s Angels.

Message of Killer Mike Trigger Warning

Educating both those inside and outside of his culture is what sets Killer Mike apart.

His mindset isn’t one of hate or retaliation, it’s one of education and empathy.

Killer Mike makes clear he believes a lot of issues can be solved by taking a seat at the table and being open to talking and understanding one another’s history and point of view.

Trigger Warning does this well, clearly illustrating different facets of the same diamond.

The show seemingly tries to leave you feeling triggered. It wants you to have a reaction to some of the over the top antics and rhetoric.

The messaging, by its nature, brings your mind toward the middle. That is if you are open to the conversation it presents.

Maybe Blood Pop is a little hard to swallow, but what about your average black business? Can you find and support a black-owned business?

If you aren’t black, do you make excuses so as to not support products you know are produced by people of color?

These are really the questions Trigger Warning is asking. Every episode has an implied middle ground.

Try and watch with an open mind and empathy for people who may not look like you. If you do that, Trigger Warning with Killer Mike will leave you more satisfied and less triggered.

Trigger Warning with Killer Mike showing only on Netflix.