Unparalleled Sound

Our pick for the best bluetooth speaker of 2019 is also our reigning champ. The JBL Boombox lives up to its name with booming sound and crystal clear highs and lows.

The mid-range is even above average although we have yet to test a speaker that gets an A+ in every category.

The JBL Boombox is a behemoth though. But the size is a huge reason the speaker can deliver the kind of bass we enjoy out of it. It can deliver up to 40 watts of power while battery operated. That number goes up 20 watts if the speaker is plugged in.

That still doesn’t change the fact the JBL Boombox is stretching what it means to be a portable speaker.

Continuous Sound

The battery life is nothing short of incredible. The JBL Boombox can play for 24 hours uninterrupted thanks to its 20,000 mAh battery. That’s better than most of the speakers smaller competitors.

The tremendous bass along with excellent battery life make this speaker an excellent choice for any outing or get together.

You can also use this to charge up to two different usb devices at the same time. However, battery life will suffer slightly.

Connect Plus

If, for some reason, one JBL Boombox isn’t enough for your outing, just use two!

With the quick connect option from JBL, you can liven the party easily with another Boombox. Just press the quick connect button on each speaker, and thats it!

You can connect as many JBL devices with Connect Plus as you want.

This feature doubly enhances the usefulness of the bluetooth speaker. Oh, and did we mention it’s waterproof?


The only con to this speaker is the cost. Coming it at around $350, you can definitely find some cheaper options in the quality range.

However, the JBL Boombox is still our pick for the best bluetooth speaker of 2019. The bass you get from this monster is worth the few extra dollars.