An Amazing UK Getaway

When you think of London, images of hustle and bustle, double decker buses, and red phone booths may immediately come to mind.  However, a short drive out of the city can pay massive dividends and offer delightful views over undulating countryside. One such example is the commute to the Seven Sisters cliffs.

The Seven Sisters cliffs are roughly an hour and a half outside of the London city limits. The drive itself will astound you with views of vintage British homes and untouched, pristine countryside.

You can, however, take the train and a bus to get there but this will add approximately an hour to your commute.

A Brief History of Seven Sisters Cliffs

The Seven Sisters cliffs  are a group of rolling hills in between Cuckmere Have and Birling Gap by the English Channel.  Named the seven sisters after a star cluster in the constellation Taurus called the Pleiades; they are believed to be a byproduct of glacial meltwater from the last Ice Age.

In 1940, in preparation for German invasion, the Brits erected numerous pillbox bunkers on this beachfront hillside.

Without modern day radar, these bunkers played an important role in coastal defense.

The bunkers remain today, bringing character to the landscape.

A Day Trip to Remember

There are many trails you may take in the seven sisters country park.  These trails range from a short 1 mile hike to a more difficult 6 mile hike including scaling the hilly terrain.

The view upon reaching the top of any of the seven main hills is absolutely breathtaking.  Although people rarely go to London for the views, the seven sisters country park is an enchanting getaway from the norm of the British capital.