High risk, Low reward

Manny Pacquiao is again in another situation that has no positive impact on his legacy.  In Manny’s upcoming bout with Adrien “the problem” Broner, a win for Pacman means the bills get paid a little easier.

A loss, however, would be devastating for the Filipino star.

Manny should, and is expected to, win this weekend. But as was the case against Marquez, the expected can change to the unexpected, with a single punch.  

Pacquiao vs Broner is interesting, mainly because Adrien Broner is a counterpuncher. Manny is susceptible to counters; however, this is usually the case in the earlier rounds. When Pacquiao has a chance to warm up and figure out his opponent, it’s usually a different ball game.

Broner’s Bain

“The Problem” with Broner is not skill. His main issue is his inability to stay busy, and to return fire under fire. These problems haven’t been solved so far in Broner’s career so there is no reason to expect any change now.

Without busy hands, it’s hard to out-time a fighter like Pacquiao enough to land significant counters.

On the flip side, Manny throws punches in bunches.  Stylistically, if you were to pick a fighter for Broner to avoid, Manny would be it.

Adrien has always been talented.  However talent alone does not make a great fighter.  Early on in his career, the Mayweather comparisons may have done the young fighter more harm than good, as he failed to adopt Floyd’s work ethic.

For this camp, Adrien has said all the right things and he looks to be in good shape. But maybe a figurative change in scenery is what is needed to breathe new life into his career.

If Broner comes up short, it may benefit him to move, switch trainers, and focus on his shortcomings to save what’s left of his once promising career.

Pacquiao vs Broner Prediction

If Broner brings his A game, this will be a barn burner.  However, it’s more likely to see a focused Broner for the first part of the fight, until eventually fading from dealing with Pacquiao’s high work rate.

Prediction: Manny Pacquiao win by UD