The Business of Boxing

The heavyweight waiting game continues as we wait to see what the next big match up is.  Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder were the first to step up. This left Anthony Joshua waiting in the wing without a credible opponent and losing fan admiration by the minute.

More and more the sentiment in the boxing community is Eddie Hearn is hesitant to put his cash cow up against the top competition in the division.  The blame then trickles down to Anthony Joshua, as ultimately AJ is in control of his own legacy.

After all, when there were whispers of Fury vs Wilder negotiations, the bout was signed, sealed, and delivered before fans could say, “But what about Joshua?”.

Not only did they deliver on the fight but they also delivered the fight! Twelve action packed, back and forth rounds resulting in a controversial draw. This was enough to build up hype for an immediate rematch.

Joshua vs Fury

But where was Anthony Joshua in all this?

Everytime Joshua’s name is mentioned in the same breath as Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder, the fight dissipates before any serious talks begin.  Each side blaming the other.

More and more it’s seeming as if Joshua’s camp is responsible for the lack of action.

But why is this? Does Hearn lack faith in his premier fighter?

Anthony Joshua/ Tyson Fury Prediction

Let’s focus on the easiest of the two fights for Eddie Hearn to make, Tyson Fury.

Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua are both from the Uk, undefeated, and hold a win over Klitschko.  Add to that Fury’s charisma and you have a promoters dream! More importantly, from a promotional viewpoint, you have the recipe for a huge moneymaker.

Eddie Hearn doesn’t seem as enthused to make this fight as he keeps the Whyte’s of the world as food for AJ.

But Fury isn’t food.

Tyson Fury is a 6 foot 9 inch, 260 pound, slippery boxer with almost as many knockouts as Joshua has fights.  He had much less trouble in his win against Klitschko than Joshua, who was knocked down, did. Fury’s fight with Wilder was even more telling.

Deontay Wilder threw the kitchen sink, forks, spoons, and knives at Tyson Fury and Fury survived.  Fury won most of the earlier rounds, evading Wilder’s most dangerous punches.

Even though Fury did slip many of Wilders unorthodox punches, he seemed to have less problems in earlier fights when the punches were coming from more traditional vantage points.  Unconventional punching is not a Joshua trait. So logic and past fights may show Fury may have an easier time defensively with Joshua.

In trying to predict a Joshua vs Fury fight, with two talents like theirs, only fight night will reveal the winner. The chips, however, seem to be stacked in Tyson Fury’s favor.

For that reason, it may be a while before Eddie Hearn decides it’s time for his fighter to take up that challenge in the ring.

Prediction: Tyson Fury win in a razor close SD!