The new teaser for the final season of game of thrones has been released.  Per their usual, Game of Thrones, gives us nothing but speculation and angst.  

The scene opens with Jon Snow, holding a torch, walking through the crypts of Winterfell.  As he passes the statue of a dire wolf and Lyanna Stark, the voice of Lyanna.

Lyanna Stark: You have to protect him..

The feather Robert Baratheon placed in the hand of Lyanna’s statue falls to the ground.

It then cuts to Sansa Stark, also walking the crypts, and passing the statue of Catelyn Stark.  Catelyn Stark speaks as well.

Catelyn Stark:  All this horror that has come to my family, it’s all because I couldn’t love a motherless child.

While Catelyn is speaking, it shows Arya also in the crypts.

The scene cuts back to Jon Snow walking past the statue of Ned Stark.

Ned Stark:  You are a Stark.  You might not have my name, but you have my blood.

The Uncertain Fate of the Remaining Starks

The three siblings, having taken different paths into the crypt,  converge on one spot. They turn and see three more statues. These statues however, are of themselves.  

The statue of Sansa and Arya, holding needle, seem to be as they are now but Jon Snow’s statue is aged.

After this reveal, wind extinguishes the flame of Jon’s torch and the halls of the crypt begin to ice over.  The ice freezes the feather as both Jon and Arya draw their swords and step out in front of Sansa.

The teaser ends there.  If you overthink it, the teaser will leave you with more question than you had before, which ironically is the sign of a good teaser.

Where is Bran? Is this a vision? Why is there an aged statue of Jon but not of Arya or Sansa?  

Over thinking it is pointless, as Game of Thrones gives you just enough to keep you excited but not spoil the story line. Besides that, the full trailer will arrive soon and possibly answer some of the unknowns.  More importantly, the wait for the final season is almost over.