Comedically Controversial

“[On Ebola] What happened to the brother in Dallas? They just rubbed some Vicks on that n****’s chest… I knew he wasn’t gonna make it.”

Dave Chappelle made his much anticipated return to the stage with two standup specials, The Age of Spin and Deep in the Heart of Texas, on March 21st.  The PC police have already come out against the specials as Dave’s language is not and has never been for the faint of heart.  What has changed however is the time that we are in.

His last standup special, For What It’s Worth, debuted in 2004.  A lot has changed in 13 years and this fact has not eluded Dave Chappelle as he alluded to leading into a joke,

“Some people they just can’t get over themselves. Gay people have a hard time doing that recently. Here we go. Here comes the deep water.”

Dave Chappelle clearly made it his mission to not change his definition of “funny” based on trending political correctness and we love him for it.

Dave Chappelle Is Back!

The specials showcase slightly different tones but both contain vintage Chappelle, more so  the case with Deep in the Heart of Texas.  Although his hiatus from the big stage is noticeable in parts, as he seems to get more comfortable toward the end of each special, his timing is still top tier when rated against any of the comedic juggernauts.

Netflix has done us a service commissioning these specials along with the upcoming specials from Chris Rock and Louis C.K.  Watch, enjoy, and take it for what it is… Comedy.

hA third Chappelle standup special is due to be released by Netflix before the end of the year.